Who Are We?

The Australian Equine Institute is a family owned and run training organisation.

The RTO that is Intercept Group was established in 1996 and has grown from a Bodyguard course, (CEO John's background) to now providing training in everything from RSA and RCG to Aged Care and Child Care PLUS a range of safety courses at our dedicated safety centre in Tuggerah. John and Roz's passion, though, is horses. Which is why in 2011 they began to write their own course in Horsemanship to incorporate their passion into the company.Since then, the course has evolved and changed over a 10 year period, with its most recent form being The certificate II and III in Horse Care.

The origins of wanting to provide training in the equine sector, stemmed from John and Roz seeing a gap within the industry. There was nothing at the time to educate people on the basics, whilst giving them an opportunity to get qualified and workplace ready.

AEI are now generational as they welcome Tori to the team.


Our Mission is to provide quality service and information to the equine industry, whilst making education affordable and easy to achieve.

We want you to turn your passion into a career, just like we did. 







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