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ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care — Info for School Sudents

Get a Head Start and Begin Studying while You’re Still in School

You can complete the ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care at school, either as a VET subject, or as an additional subject to your school curriculum.

If you know you want to work with horses after you finish school, why not get a head start and begin studying while you’re still in school? The equine industry is often considered one of the hardest industries to step into. But having a friend like the Australian Equine Institute (AEI) team, will help you make sure you are heading in the right direction!

ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care can offer you the below points towards your relevant leaving Certificate:

WA: 4 points
QLD: 4 points
SA: 99 points/credits
NT: 99 points/credits
VIC: 6 points
TAS: 71 points
NSW: the ACM30817- Certificate III in Performance horse can contribute points toward your HSC – check it out here.


Course Details

The Nominal hours for the ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care is 698 hours. 

The AEI team know what it’s like to wish your school curriculum prepared you for starting work with horses. But you can make the most of this time by getting your Equine studies started so when you finish school you have all the qualifications and training that you need to hit the ground running!
After completing your qualification you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to work within a wide range of different equine positions – and you’ll have the certificate to prove it!

Completing a Nationally Recognised Qualification is going to give you the skills and knowledge to not only improve your day to day equine life but also help you move into your specialised area.

"A great course to do in school, trainers are very supportive. I learnt alot from this course and gained confidence"
★★★★★ Teagan C.    Read more student reviews
"Amazing course for anyone with a passion of horses. Great training provider who is always there to help"
★★★★★ Rebecca    Read more student reviews


What are You Waiting for?

Register your interest in Cert ll Horse Care

Register your interest in Cert lll Performance Horse


Any Questions?

 Our friendly and experienced team are here to help. Please enquire online any time or call us throughout business hours on 1300 378 463 (1300 EQUINE)


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