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The Australian Equine Institute was born in 2012, as a division of the Intercept Group Pty Ltd

At AEI our aim is to help you gain extensive knowledge and skills that will give you newfound confidence and improve your equine skills & education.

Take a look around our site and see how we too can help you achieve your equestrian goals and growth. You will save money by having the skills and knowledge in preventative health care, nutritional requirements and first aid procedures for your horse.

The Horsemanship (Riding, Handling & Behaviour) course can be undertaken via distance education or using our interactive E-learning (Online) platform.

Best of all, the Australian Equine Institute ensures that learning is interactive and enjoyable for students. 

Extensive student support is available and the AEI team are always happy to help students with learning difficulties or individual needs.

Our team of experts have written the program so that the student can understand basic equine terms. 
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HMSEPH301 - Demonstrate an understanding of the Evolution and Psychology of Equine Behaviour Horses act and behave in particular ways towards each other showing different signs in body language between happy and angry, relaxed and uptight. In this unit we talk about all the different signs / actions horses display and how they have evolved over the years.
In this unit you will learn the history of equine evolution and how to understand behavioural traits, allowing you better control and making it easier for you to educate the horse.

HMSWHS301 - Apply Health and Safety Procedures in Equine Recreational Activities This is a must for anyone that is involved with horses, whether working with, riding, transporting or providing activities such as coaching, instructing, trail riding etc. For people working in the Equine industry this is a mandatory legal requirement as detailed in the Work safe Australia’s guidelines. This will also address requirements for insurance and liability.

HMSPEA301 - Provide Equine AccommodationDid you know that there are particular area’s your horses like to eat and drink? Discover how to think like a horse and what they need to feel safe and secure in their accommodation.
This unit will also teach you the do and don’ts of accommodating your horse, ensuring the horse has a safe and happy environment.

HMSEWL301 - Comply with Equine Welfare and the Recreational Horse Industry Horses have 5 basic rights of freedom - do you know what they are?
Understand and develop your skills in laws, regulations, insurances and welfare requirements within the equine industry.

HMSEAP301 - Apply Principles of Equine Anatomy and Physiology Discover the world of horses by developing your all round skills in horse identification, points of the horse, equine confirmation (Club foot, cow hocked, swan-necked, sway back etc), as well as the Internal Systems of the horse (Muscular, digestive, Skeletal, Respiratory). You will be able to identify when your horse is not well or in need of treatment. This is especially important when selecting a new horse to buy.

SISOEQU014- Determine Nutritional Requirements for Sport or Recreational Horses Such an important subject no matter what equine discipline, understand the core fundamentals in getting your horse into tip top shape.You will gain the confidence in why and what you are feeding your horses after studying this unit, and will increase performance and the health of the horse, saving you time and money.

HMSGEM301 - Conduct Grooming of HorsesGrooming your horse is one of the most important actions in caring for your horse. It will allow you to Increase blood circulation, help you bond with your horse, address skin abrasions, lumps and bumps it is a must for preparing your horse for riding or showing. By having the correct skills and equipment for grooming your horse will be healthier and happier. This unit identifies different grooming methods, what to look for when grooming and maintaining you’re grooming and equine equipment

HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid You can make a difference by learning simple skills which will provide you with a better opportunity to save lives of family, friends, workmates or others. A current Provide First Aid competency is required to attain work in many industries.

SISOEQO304A - Apply First Aid for Horses This is a must for anyone that is involved with horses, whether working with, riding, transporting or providing activities such as coaching, instructing, trail riding etc.  This will also address requirements for insurance and liability.

HMSHHC302 - Undertake Preventative Equine Health Care Want to save money and ensure that your horse is healthy and in peak condition. Learn how and when to vaccinate your horse to ensure it is healthy and protected against injury and disease. This unit will teach you how to care for your horse and identify any problems that may need attention in the future

HMSEGT301 - Perform Equine Groundwork and Transportation Have trouble getting your horse on and off the float or transporting safely with confidence? Understanding how to handle a horse on the ground and in training is essential. It will increase the learning curve of the horse and allow you to speed up your horse’s education and performance. Don’t load your horse onto a float that isn’t safe or approved and don’t use a vehicle for towing that isn’t prepared correctly. Carrying out a basic float & car safety check for even new floats and cars is always recommended before every adventure. This unit is a mandatory practical unit

HMSURG308 - Undertake Riding at the Appropriate Skill Level So now you understand your horse’s behaviour, welfare, nutrition, first aid, grooming and accommodation requirements. This unit will enhance your riding ability and give you newfound confidence when you saddle up and ride. A must for people new to horses or riders that lack confidence. Even more experienced riders have commented that they have learnt things that improved their riding technique and performance. This unit is a mandatory practical unit

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