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Chilled Semen

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Chilled semen should be used as soon as possible after collection; however it can be stored for up to 48 hours. You should be aware and conscious of your mares’ cycle, once we have established the breeding cycle of your mare she will be monitored closely and our veterinarians will order chilled semen directly from the stallion owner or agent. The process will ensure that semen is shipped to our breeding centre for insemination of your mare at the optimum time for a possible conception.

The semen is evaluated in the laboratory and a semen extender is added to assist in prolonging the life of the semen.  Depending on the facility where the stallion is collected, other treatments may also be applied to the semen to improve its longevity in order to survive the trip to the receiving mare.   The extended semen is then transported and the semen temperature is gradually reduced to 4 - 5°C during the trip.  Your mare will be inseminated as soon as possible after the arrival of the chilled semen.


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