Student Reviews and Feedback

Do you want to study with the best and get the most out of your qualifications? Have a read of some feedback from our past students to hear firsthand of their experience with us

Google Reviews for our most recent course Horse Care:

"An incredible team of teachers and admin. Easy to access interactive website training platform. Always a phone call away if you need student support! I Highly recommend AEI!"
★★★★★  Jeannie. S

"AEI have been amazing at supporting me to reach my horse coach dreams. I’d be lost without them, the whole process was so easy and it’s a study process I LOVE doing. Definitely recommend AEI to anyone, anywhere to help you achieve your horse dreams. These girls will do their part!! Thanks guys xx"
★★★★★  Hunter. T

"The courses offered are wonderful!! images are clear and detailed, the work is thorough and in-depth, and the information is information i'll use for the rest of my life. i absolutely recommend doing a course offered by the Australian Equine Institute - i'm finding the cert 3 achievable even while being a full time student and working every weekday. my questions have been answered quickly and with easy to understand replies while feedback has been concise but very informative!! very grateful to those involved, it's a wonderful institute for anyone wanting to be involved with horses, regardless of experience or age!"
★★★★★  India

"Absolutely loving the course. Ladies in the office are always helpful and willing to answer any questions. Glad I signed up!"
★★★★★  Chloe. D

"Great course offerings. Easy to complete with flexible learning and great tutors with helpful feedback. I completed a course through the institute during high school and it fitted in well with my studies."
★★★★★  Zoe. N

"Excellent course and super easy platform!!"
  Abigail. B

"Absolutely love this course. it is so easy to access on the internet allowing you to work on it whenever you want. the team is also so helpful with any questions you may have. i 100% recommend doing a course through the Australian Equine Institute whether you are in school or not."
★★★★★  Laci.K

"Absolutely loving the Cert III in Horse Care I’ve just started. I felt nervous going back into study but the staff were really supportive and helpful. Keep up the good work!"
★★★★★  Allison.F

"I really enjoyed completing this course and learnt lots throughout it"
★★★★★  Sarah.P

"Great content, for both city folk and country kids wanting to know more"
★★★★★  Mac.S

"Briliant course, easy to understand and well supported form the trainer. Would definately recommend!"
★★★★★  Ellie.S

"A great course to do in school, trainers are very supportive. I learnt alot from this course and gained confidence"
★★★★★  Teagen. C

"A very well written course with heaps of up to date knowledge. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their knowledge in horsemanship"
★★★★★  Hannah. A

"Amazing course for anyone with a passion of horses. Great training provider who is always there to help"
★★★★★  Rebecca

"The trainer was always so kind and helpful. their feedback was quick and easy to understand"
★★★★★  Selina

"Thank you, the course is great! I love the structure of it- it is so easy to study and use. =)
Thanks AEI!"
★★★★★  S. Nicholls

"The clinic on the weekend was amazing. I cannot believe how much my confidence and knowledge gained in one weekend. If I could attend every clinic once a month I would! "
★★★★★  Belinda

"Using the invaluable knowledge and unwavering help and encouragement I gained at AEI My horse and I will continue our journey together armed with the skills and knowledge i couldn't have gotten this far without and we are both better for it, we will continue brick by brick, row by row to make a great partnership together, I would personally like to thank the team at AEI for their role in getting us this far."
★★★★★  Sheri

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