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You want to study with the best and get the most out of your qualifications – have a read below some feedback from some of our past students to hear firsthand of their experience with us. 

"I can easily say that studying the Cert 3 in horsemanship through AEI was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. The AEI Assessors and admins were beyond helpful and so kind which made studying so much easier; the course was very interesting and the knowledge I’ve gained from studying has been so beneficial and helped me with my own horses. I’d recommend studying the cert 3 in horsemanship through AEI as you will not regret it."
- Taylah.W

"I really enjoyed completing this course and learnt lots throughout it"
- Sarah.P

"Great content, for both city folk and country kids wanting to know more"
- Mac.S

"Briliant course, easy to understand and well supported form the trainer. Would definately recommend!"
- Ellie.S

"A great course to do in school, trainers are very supportive. I learnt alot from this course and gained confidence"
- Teagen. C

"A very well written course with heaps of up to date knowledge. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their knowledge in horsemanship"
- Hannah. A

"Amazing course for anyone with a passion of horses. Great training provider who is always there to help"
- Rebecca

"The trainer was always so kind and helpful. their feedback was quick and easy to understand"
- Selina

"Thank you, the course is great! I love the structure of it- it is so easy to study and use. =)
Thanks AEI!"
- S. Nicholls

"The clinic on the weekend was amazing. I cannot believe how much my confidence and knowledge gained in one weekend. If I could attend every clinic once a month I would! "
- Belinda

"Using the invaluable knowledge and unwavering help and encouragement I gained at AEI My horse and I will continue our journey together armed with the skills and knowledge i couldn't have gotten this far without and we are both better for it, we will continue brick by brick, row by row to make a great partnership together, I would personally like to thank the team at AEI for their role in getting us this far."
- Sheri

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