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For many years training in the Equine industry has been limited to a great extent to areas such as racing, breeding and coaching. Whilst these areas are vitally important for the sector and the ongoing success of the equine industry in Australia, the vast majority of participants in riding activities are leisure riders, recreational riders, show and amateur event competitors.

In 2007, members of Intercept Group Pty Ltd, a Registered Training Organisation that has been delivering training for over 19 years in many industry sectors, decided to commence development of a qualification designed to fill the obvious gap in the Equine training sector. This was bought about after many discussions and requests from Club members and riders from various associations and disciplines.

The Australian Equine Institute was born in 2012 as a division of Intercept Group Pty Ltd and the course was released. It has become a great success with participants from as young as 15 years to more senior riders taking the opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills that have enabled them to build more confidence in their handling and riding skills, and get more enjoyment form their riding activities.

Many more experienced riders have also completed the course and have found that their riding performance and equine knowledge has increased and the Vet bills have shrunk. Students from regional areas now have aQualification relevant to their environment and future career goals.
The course can be undertaken via distance education, e-learning (online) or clinic based classroom sessions. Topics covered include equine health care, equine first aid, groundwork, transportation, grooming, stabling, nutrition, equine behaviour and handling and horsemanship skills.

Best of all, the Australian Equine Institute ensures that learning is interactive and enjoyable for students. Extensive student support is available and the AEI team are always happy to help students with learning difficulties or individual needs.

“We believe learning should be enjoyable and tailored for the individual”, says Roz Forsyth from the AEI team. “I enjoy every day as I see our student’s progress through the course and are buzzing with newfound confidence and skill”.

So if you want to enjoy your passion for horses, increase your knowledge and become a better rider and horse owner, call the Australian Equine Institute and talk to one of the friendly student support team members on 1300 EQUINE (1300 378 468).

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