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June Clinic Review - Contribute to Equine Health


May Clinic - Contribute to Equine Health

Another fun and jam packed weekend!!!

Our weekend was full of hands on learning experiences and life long skills that could really help out of our a bad situation. It was great to see all AEI students jumping in head first no matter the topic or situation.

This months clinics involved: Assess Health problems and injuries in horses  Identify common injuries and illnesses  assessment of injuries and illnesses Apply first aid for horses  Apply to promote healing and prevent further deterioration of condition  Access and select relevant first aid equipment according to injury/illness needs Provide veterinary support  Use accepted safe practices to restrain the horse for veterinary procedures  Carry out treatment and management practices as prescribed by the veterinarian  Monitor treatment and reporting problems Care for a convalescing horse  Administer treatment with instruction from Veterinarian  Apply and remove bandages without causing discomfort  Provide horse with suitable convalescing car, document progress and problems associated with recovery

Not only learn these procedures but to put them into practise as well (check out our Facebook site to see photos)

If you are interested in attending one of these clinics please call our office.

They are a must for any horse owner! Failing to train is training to fail!



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We are so confident that you will enhance your horsemanship skills and safety through the Certificate III in Horsemanship (Riding, Handling and Behaviour) Check out some feedback from our current and past students.

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