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John Thompson One Day Clinic

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John Thompson One Day Clinic

We had a nice group of friends together to put JT through his passes. Had a quick introduction & over view for the day.

Headed out to saddle up and get into the freshly raked arena. There we horses at all different levels but nothing JT couldn't handle.

The guys spent a few hours in the saddle learning and soaking up JT's wisdom and knowledge. JT walked around and addressed everyone on a one on one basis helping every individual rider and horse one on one, I have never witness a coach with as much care and compassion to every one of his riders.

It was fantastic to sit back and watch the smiles appearing as their horses started to pick up on JTs drills

AEI was cooking up a mean feast on the BBQ in the back grounds, the tasty smells was too much for people to continue riding. Everyone headed over to the BBQ area to quickly gobble up many tasty chicken rolls.

It wasn't long before JT cracked the whip to get back in the saddle.

Throughout the day I couldn't believe the improvement in such a short time for our riders, from basic steering techniques to rider position to controlled movements, our riders were all starting to flourish in such a short time with JT.

A horse or two had some long reining done; this in itself was a huge event!

After a long day and everyone wearing smiles it was heading to the end of the day.

We all said our goodbyes and couldn't WAIT for the next JT clinic.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates.... Thanks JT & Team



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