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In 2021, we are offering a lucky rider/s the chance to receive a fantastic sponsorship package. As an AEI Brand Ambassador, you will be given the opportunity to represent the Australian Equine Institute and receive great endorsement and support from us.
Our 2019 brand ambassador Jess has the following to say on her experience with AEI: "Being the AEI ambassador for 2019 was a really fun experience, I loved sporting the name out at competition, whether I was riding or not. I think whoever is lucky enough to receive the position in following years, will really enjoy it, and take great things out of the experience”.
Our 2021 AEI Brand Ambassador will receive:
- AEI brand outfit for you
- AEI brand outfit for your horse!
- A free unit to complete from our ACM30817 - Certificate III in Performance Horse Course
- AEI Stickers for your car or float
- Featured Story published on our social media channels
+ Social Media Posts & updates throughout the year
To apply, you must fit the following criteria:
- Applicants must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen (as this is the criteria to be able to complete our course)
- Be aged 15+ (we are looking for a wide age range of ambassadors!)
- Be riding competitively in their chosen Equestrian field.
What would you be doing as an ambassador?
- Represent AEI out and about at competitions and in your daily riding
- Upload photos to your social media whilst representing AEI
- Complete a unit from our Certificate III in Performance Horse Course, to enable you to discuss it with anyone interested
Applications must be submitted by video and must answer the following questions:
- How long has the applicant been riding for?
- What is their chosen equestrian discipline and why?
- Is there any specific goals they are aiming for?
- What winning this sponsorship would mean to them and how it would assist them with their goals.
Supplementary evidence of video or photos of applicants performing in their chosen discipline must be included in the application.
How To Apply:
- “ Like” and “Share” this post
- Videos need to be a maximum of 3 minutes and files can be submitted either via Dropbox, Vimeo or YouTube link to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Applications Close: June 2021
This is a wonderful opportunity for a young, up and coming rider to be backed by a fantastic company, to get their name out there and also to expand their own equine knowledge. For further information or for assistance in submitting your application, please contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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