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ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care
Info for School Teachers, Career Advisors, VET Coordinators and Grade Supervisors

Keep Your Students Engaged while Also Helping them to Achieve their Leaving Certificate

If you are looking for a way to keep your students engaged while also wanting them to achieve their leaving certificate, then you can help them complete a VET qualification therough AEI that can to contribute points towards their leaving certificate.

ACM20217 Certificate II in Horse Care offers the below points towards the leaving certificate:

WA: 4 points
QLD: 4 points
SA: 99 points/credits
NT: 99 points/credits
VIC: 6 points
TAS: 71 points
NSW: the ACM30817- Certificate III in Performance horse can contribute points toward your HSC – check it out here.


Course Details

The Nominal hourse for the ACM30817 Certificate II in Horse care is 698 hours. 

The course is completely self-paced, allowing flexibility with school timetables and extra-curricular activities.

Students can communicate with trainers and assessors within the Australian Equine Institute to help them through the course. Our trainers have years of experience behind them and attend to the students needs with all the passion of a coach!

Students can complete the course with their own horse if they have one, with a lease horse or at a local riding school.

If your school already has equestrian facilities on site, then the practical tasks could be completed using those horses too!

Teachers and Coordinators are encouraged to communicate with the Australian Equine institute team to ensure the student is maximising the opportunity and to keep the school “in the loop” with the students’ progress.

If you have a student that you think would benefit from studying something that they are passionate about, please get in contact with us!


"A great course to do in school, trainers are very supportive. I learnt alot from this course and gained confidence"
★★★★★ Teagan C.    Read more student reviews
"Amazing course for anyone with a passion of horses. Great training provider who is always there to help"
★★★★★ Rebecca    Read more student reviews


Have a Student who is Interested or Ready to Go?

Register your interest in Cert II Horse Care

Register your interest in Cert III Performance Horse


Any Questions?

 Our friendly and experienced team are here to help. Please enquire online any time or call us throughout business hours on 1300 378 463 (1300 EQUINE)


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